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Are you a home cook with an awesome recipe? Or perhaps an aspiring food blogger looking to get their name out there? Submit a ‘write for us’ request and get your post published on Cooking To Entertain!

What Are The Benefits Of Writing A Guest Post For A Recipe Blog?

Writing a guest post for someone else’s blog is a great way to get your name out there, and improve the recognition of your own blog. This is especially important when you are just starting out on your food blogging journey!

So what are the benefits of submitting a guest post on Cooking To Entertain? For starters, this is an active blog in good standing with years of history. In terms of traffic it is in the top 1% of viewed websites in the English language, with the majority of traffic coming from USA, UK, and Canada.

How To Submit A Guest Post To The Cooking To Entertain Recipe Blog

There are a few rules for getting your post up on this site – but they are fairly straightforward so don’t be deterred.

1. No Duplicate Recipes – Make sure to check the site before submitting a recipe to make sure it doesn’t already exist. For example, if you wanted to submit a recipe for a cheesecake you will see I already have a Basque Burnt Cheesecake and a Ukrainian Cheesecake, so those are taken. But you are still free to submit a NY Cheesecake should you wish!

2. No Stolen Content – This really should go without saying, but please do not try to submit content that isn’t yours. I do run all submissions through a plagiarism checker so I will know if your post is from someone else.

3. Only Evergreen Posts – I know there is a tendency to want to get your blog’s most popular recipes posted all over, but we don’t allow that here. Anything you submit to Cooking To Entertain can not have been posted anywhere else (just like with #2, I do check).

4. Internal Link Rights – You are more than welcome to submit a post with a link to your own website. I will keep it do-follow forever. However I also retain the right to make edits to the post like adding some internal links to other recipes on this site. This is healthy for the blog and the article specifically.

5. We Need Pictures – If you are submitting a recipe then you need a picture of the final dish. Ideally you will even have some step-by-step photos to better fill out the post. While I don’t expect everyone to be a professional food photographer, low quality or blurry photos will disqualify your recipe from getting posted.

6. Minimum Word Count – 300 words minimum, longer and more detailed recipes are likely to get accepted faster.

Can You Get A Do-Follow Link?

YES! If your recipe post gets posted on Cooking To Entertain then you will absolutely get a do-follow link back to your own blog/site.

Caveat: If at any point in the future the linked website obtains a spam score greater than 50% the link will be downgraded to no-follow until the spam score decreases.

Do We Allow Link Insertions

In most cases we do not allow link insertions on older posts because this has the tendency to get abused by SEO experts. However there are some exceptions.

Do you have a product you think is perfect for a recipe? Do you want me to link to it in a post? In this case it is treated on a case by case basis. However I almost always request a sample product for review. Here are three key things about getting a product review on this site:

1. Consumables are considered gifts. Do you want me to review your brand’s hot sauce? Or maybe some seasoning blend? Since these are food items I will need to open and use, there is the expectation I will not return whatever is sent.

2. Hard products and electronics can be loaned. Would you like me to review a hard product like a fish spatula or a coffee grinder? I have no problem returning these items provided the sender covers the shipping costs.

3. You cannot pay for a good review. If you send a product for review there is no guarantee I will add the link insertion or write something positive about it. I will try to refrain from being overtly negative, but as I do want to give my readers honest opinions I will have to mention a product didn’t meet my standards if asked.

How Much Does It Cost To Submit A Guest Post To Cooking To Entertain?

Note: Most posts get rejected. It’s just a sad fact that most ‘people’ who try to get a post on this site are so called SEO experts. They often don’t read my rules and submit posts that don’t qualify to be a guest post on Cooking To Entertain.

Unsure if your post qualifies? Feel free to submit a request anyways and we can work through the issues together!

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