What’s The Best Way To Cook When Camping

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Camping is a fun pastime that’s enjoyable to do on your own, with friends, or as a family. It changes your perspective on life, getting rid of all the home comforts you rely on. When it comes to cooking while you camp, you’ll find it an interesting experience. You won’t have a kitchen at your beck and call, so how will you cook any food? As it happens, there are three main ways you can cook while camping:

Cooking over a fire

The first idea is the most ‘natural’ out of the three. Effectively, you dig a little pit and start a fire in it. From here, you can hang a pot over the fire, using the heat to cook your food. You can buy contraptions that let you hang things over a fire, or you can make one yourself using the objects around you. All it takes are a couple of pieces of wood and some chopping tools to make a contraption yourself. Either way, you can now cook a range of things over the fire on your campsite! Check out the video below to see just how versatile this cooking approach is:

Recipe: BBQ Chili Mackerel

Cooking with a portable grill

Next, you can invest in a small grill that lets you cook all sorts of things when camping. The idea with these grills is that they use pellets – small pieces of wood – to heat them up. It’s basically like a mini barbecue, and the wood adds a touch of flavouring to the foods you grill. Obviously, be sure to look for the best portable pellet grill if you want to make your cooking experience even easier. Some come with more features than others, and you have to take the size into account. ‘Portable’ is quite a vague word as what do you consider portable? For some, it might be a tiny grill, but others may prefer a larger grill that you can still transport without any extra wires or cables, etc. Either way, if you’re a fan of grilling, this could be the best cooking method for you. 

Cooking with a portable stovetop

Lastly, you have another portable cooking idea. This time, you invest in a stove that’s almost specifically made for camping. Basically, you have all the functions of a stovetop, but in a condensed format. This lets you fry things in pans, boil food in pots, and so on. Therefore, you can argue it’s the most diverse option in terms of what you can cook on it. However, it comes with the downside of needing to be powered by something. Most of these portable stoves are electric, so you’d need a power source nearby to make yours work. Or, it could be gas-powered, which means you have to bring a supply of gas with you. It’s potentially inconvenient, but if you have a source of electricity with you, this could be a decent option. 

Cooking while camping means you have to think outside the box. These are the three main methods you can choose, but nothing stops you from using a combination of them. It’s entirely up to you! Now, you can look for great campfire recipes to eat well while outdoors.

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