Why Every Food Blogger Must Use Yummly

Screenshot of the Yummly website for food bloggers

Before I started my food blog, Cooking To Entertain, the only experience I had with Yummly was seeing other food blogs put the Yum button on their recipes. I had no idea how to use it so I pretty much ignored it and just screenshot recipes I wanted to save. Wow to how behind the times I was. I’m now convinced that every food blogger must use Yummly to grow their site.

After running the site for about 6 months, I’m convinced that using Yummly is a necessary tool for food bloggers or recipe creators because of their large network and ease of use. To sign up all I had to do was install the yum button onto my WordPress website, and viewers can save recipes with a single click.

As it stands now, Yummly is my main source of viewers, and while a post on my Instagram can get me more views on one singular page, Yummly continues to bring in visitors months after I post a recipe.

Use Yummly To Grow Your Food Blog

Even if you are hesitant to use networks to get viewers, I really suggest giving Yummly a shot. The Yum button is unobtrusive, and it offers all your readers a huge convenience when it comes to saving your recipes. Not to mention how absolutely simple it is to set it up.

Set Up Steps

1. Sign Up ON Yummly. Head over to Yummly.com and create a publisher account. This makes it easy for YOU to keep track of all your recipes on Yummly, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

2. Install The Yum Button. You can do this through the Yummly recipe plugin, or on most social sharing plugins. I personally use Simple Share Buttons which allows me to curate which pages get the button. (I’m not going to put a Yum button on a restaurant review article now am I)?

Yummly Yum button on a recipe from a food blog

3. Share! Let your readers know through your other social medias, or right on your posts, that you now have the Yum button installed. You can also send them to your Yummly publishers page so they can ‘Yum’ all your content. Remember that more ‘yums’ means a better chance of more viewers seeing your website. My account for example is structured as: https://www.yummly.com/page/cookingtoentertain

Pretty simple right?

4. Join The Yummly Publisher Network. Now that you’ve done the easy stuff, time to do some more (also easy) stuff. Join the Yummly Publisher Network for the chance to have your recipes featured on the front page of the Yummly website and app. You can fill out this form and just make a post explaining how you use Yummly (just like the one you’re reading now)!

If you want to see Yummly’s guide to doing what I just said, head over to their help center and read the article How To Get Discovered Even Faster.

How Has Yummly Boosted My Site?

Of course, now that I’ve shown you how to set up Yummly, you may still be wondering, “Well Cody, how has it helped your site exactly?”

That’s a fair enough question to ask. In fact, even though my food blog is just a few months old, I’m consistently getting 20-30 Yummly referrals a day to all sorts of recipes. I have over 200 recipes on the site so sometimes I’ll check my stats and see a view from one of my early posts!

The one thing that surprised me is just how random the ‘yum’ can be. Some of my posts that I thought would be huge hits just did average, and then some dishes, like my Balsamic Roasted Eggplant, get a bunch of ‘yums’ (for a new blog that is) and views every day.

Yummly mobile app screenshot
Looking through my ‘Yums” using the Yummly mobile app

In fact my very first recipe post, and one of my favorite things to make ever, Chocolate Lava Cake, is still sitting under 10 Yums. I’ve probably MADE it more than 10 times since I first uploaded it.

I don’t mean to complain at all because this tells me useful information. Recipes like Chocolate Lava Cake are quite competitive, whereas something more unique has a greater chance of attracting attention. Try it out for yourself and you may be surprised!

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

As always, if you have any questions or need help with installing the program, feel free to let me know in the comments down below. I’m still a relatively new food blogger, but I am learning rapidly. Whatever advice I can offer, I’ll try my best.

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