Sex On Komodo Dragon

Sex On Komodo Dragon cocktail (variation of sex on the beach)

Everyone seems to know the cocktail, Sex On The Beach, but as I’m currently in Labuan Bajo spending time seeing the amazing “Dragons”, I’ve found a bar that makes a drink called Sex On Komodo Dragon.

This cocktail is a twist on the original, which still uses Vodka as the base alcohol. However, there was a new addition I had never thought of using in a cocktail before…Blueberry juice! While it darkens the orangy-yellow color a bit, the drink is still quite tropical.

The bar where I got this drink was located at the La Boheme Bajo hostel (not recommended) where we based ourselves to explore Komodo National Park. The guide to doing the islands is on Alona’s website, Jet Set Together.

If you want to visit Komodo National Park in one day, you can also visit Alona’s guide, The Best One Day Komodo National Park Excursion.

Sex On Komodo Dragon Ingredients

50 ml Vodka

30 ml Orange Juice

20 ml Pineapple Juice

20 ml Blueberry Juice

1 Kaffir Lime; can substitute for 2 tsp of regular lime juice if Kaffir limes are not available.

Sex On Komodo Dragon Cocktail Instructions

1. Take the lime and cut it into wedges. Muddle it in the bottom of a rocks glass.

2. In a cocktail shaker add the vodka and all the juices, with some large ice cubes and shake it up. Pour all the contents into the rocks glass and give it one or two stirs with a cocktail stirrer to incorporate the lime juice. Serve cold.

Sex On Komodo Dragon

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