Parisian Fizz

Parisian Fizz

Champagne cocktails were wildly popular in the 1920’s and have recently been making quite the comeback. Parisian Fizz is part of the “fizz” family of cocktails, mainly those involving champagne.In truth, I feel good champagne is put to waste in cocktail form, so there is nothing wrong with using a cheap sparkling wine. This Parisian Fizz recipe uses Martini Prosecco.


20 ml Martini Extra Dry

10 ml Creme De Cassis

20 ml Bombay Sapphire

30 ml Rose Lemonade

20 ml Rose Water

50 ml Martini Prosecco


Combine all ingredients minus the Martini Prosecco in a cocktail shaker with ice and stir them together. Strain the ice into a glass, top with the Martini Prosecco and garnish with an orange peel.

Parisian Fizz Notes:

While this is a beautifully crafted cocktail, perfect for a party, it does come with quite a few ingredients which make it more a night’s signature drink as opposed to something you have for any random get together.

The good part about the Parisian Fizz is that as far as cocktails go, it’s quite simple to put together, and this can allow many to be made in a short period of time.