7 Great Tartlet Recipes For Your Next Cocktail Party

If you are throwing a cocktail party, canapes and hors d’oeuvres are probably on your mind. These great tartlet recipes will take all the stress out of thinking up what to serve. From savory to sweet, tartlets are so versatile and are always a massive crowd pleaser.

apple goat cheese tartlets with rosemary

Tarts, or tartlets as they are often called when bite size, make the perfect one or two bite finger food at dinner or cocktail parties. The best part about serving tarts at events is that you can easily customize them to anyone’s diet.

While all of these recipes use store-bought tartlet shells, you can easily make your own with a simple pate brisee recipe and some tartlet molds. I find just picking up a pack at the store is just so much more worth it for the convenience.

1. Quail Egg & Bacon Tartlets (Canastillas de Huevos)

Quail Egg and Bacon Tarts from a Spanish tapas cookbook

This first tartlet on the list is actually a popular Spanish tapa. That’s right, tartlets are also served at authentic Spanish tapas bars, especially in Granada. This simple canastillas de huevvos recipe calls for quail eggs, which taste just like regular eggs but far cuter.

2. Salmon Mousse Tartlets

salmon mousse tartlets with caviar

Perhaps because it was more popular in the 1950s, salmon mousse isn’t often seen these days. However I still find it delicious and love to serve it at my cocktail parties, especially on my famed (according to friends) New Year’s Eve party. Salmon mousse tartlets are a tasty and upscale tart and one of the few I make that are fish based.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts

chocolate hazelnut tarts

These chocolate hazelnut tartlets are a fantastic dessert tart idea and can be made with both a normal and mini crust. In fact, they are so simple I tend to whip them up in an emergency if a souffle fails or there’s more guests than expected.

4. Apple Goat Cheese Tarts

apple goat cheese tartlets with rosemary

Fruit and cheese are always a good combination for cocktail party canapes, and baked together in a tart works deliciously. These apple goat cheese tarts take tangy sweet apples (the same I use for my cinnamon apple muffins) and creamy French chevre to make a very tasty combination.

5. Ham And Manchego Tarts

ham and manchego tarts on a plate

Going back to Spain for a minute, these ham and manchego tartlets only require FOUR ingredients! The preparation for this recipe is very quick, so these tarts are a great emergency canape if you run out of others during your cocktail parties or events.

Speaking of Spanish tapas, why not try serving a Spanish vermouth cocktail for a more cohesive themed cocktail party.

6. Ratatouille Octopus Tarts

mini tartlet canape with ratatouille and octopus for cocktail parties

This recipe for ratatouille octopus tarts is a savory canape great for entertaining. The base is pisto which is the Spanish version of ratatouille, and the delectable octopus makes for beautiful presentation.

I have plenty of Spanish recipes on this blog since I live there a couple months a year. However this recipe is one that constantly gets requested no matter where in the world I make it.

7. Fresh Berry Tartelettes

fresh berry tartelettes with creme patisserie and ripe blueberries

Sweet tarts are great at cocktail parties because they can be made far in advance (even days before). These fresh berry tartelettes are so good, and are completely made from scratch. Of course, if you wanted to store-buy any part that works too!

The shell is made from a French sweet dough called pate sucree and the filling is a homemade creme patisserie. I top mine with fresh berries depending on the season, but you can leave the top empty for a simple French style custard tart.

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