5 Great Starter Ideas For Valentines Day 2023

If you’ve already read my previous two articles about how to make a great Valentine’s day dinner then it should come as no surprise you’ll need a starter. These 5 Great Starter Ideas For Valentines Day 2023 are sure to balance your meal menu out nicely and impress your very significant other.

These 5 Great Starter Ideas For Valentines Day 2023 include both soups and salads, since both can work depending on the main dish you go with. I’m especially a fan of #4 as it is something unique your date has likely never had before!

1) Sweet Potato Crostini

This is a very easy starter that also works well as a canape for large events. A simple sweet potato mash offers an earthy sweetness on top of crusty baguette. Topped with creamy brie and fig jam this elegant starter is a great dish to serve while focusing more on the main dish for later.

2) Maple Glazed Beet And Goat Cheese Salad

beet and goat cheese salad in a chafing dish on a marble table

Beets are a delicious and nutritious ingredient that seems to be wildly underrated. In fact, when most people hear beets they probably think Borsch, the famous Ukrainian soup. However beets are great in salads, especially when they are maple glazed and roasted like in this great starter choice!

3) Scallop Crudo

scallop crudo recipe post

Scallops, like oysters, are said to have aphrodisiac qualities. This simple scallop crudo features thinly sliced sea scallops in a tangy citrus broth for an elegant and refined starter perfect for Valentine’s day. The best part is this dish involves no actual cooking, so make sure your date is okay eating raw scallops.

4) Strawberry Soup

Bowl of Ukrainian strawberry soup with a basil leaf garnish in a traditional Carpathian milk clay fired bowl

This strawberry soup is a cold soup, but don’t let that put you off. Some of the best soups in the world are served cold, like the famous Andalusian Gazpacho. This cold strawberry soup is traditionally a summer recipe, but you can’t tell me that pink color doesn’t make it perfect for Valentine’s day dinner.

5) Arctic Char Tartare

arctic char tartare with avocado and rye bread on a dish

This arctic char tartare came to me after having scraps left over from my pan seared arctic char on vermicelli recipe (another great Valentine’s dinner main dish idea!). A simple dish of minced fish with herbs and spices to be spread on bread. How elegant. If you can’t find arctic char you can use salmon, tuna, or other firm fleshed fish you want.

What About The Valentine’s Main And Dessert?

To round out your impressive 3-course Valentine’s day dinner here are two other inspiration posts for things to make. Feel free to mix and match and come up with a great date night menu just for you.

5 Great Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 Great Starter Ideas For Valentines Day 2023

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