5 Great Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

Going out to eat on Valentine’s day can be such a hassle. With reservations and special menus and crowds it’s almost always a better idea to cook a romantic meal at home. These 5 great dinner ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023 are sure to impress that special someone – even if you are just a beginner home cook.

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Most of these recipes are easy to make, provided you follow the instructions. But, if you are a great home cook go ahead and feel free to adjust and customize these dishes to suit your tastes!

1) Duck With Blackcurrants

duck breast perfectly cooked and cut on the bias drizzled with a homemade blackcurrant sauce.

This recipe for Duck With Blackcurrants is so easy, yet sure to impress. I always say duck breast makes an excellent romantic meal, so this is definitely a good choice for Valentine’s Day dinner. Believe it or not, learning how to cook duck breast is not hard at all – and this recipe can be made in just about 20 minutes!

2) Ricotta Ravioli With Walnut Sauce

fresh ricotta ravioli with walnut sauce

Nothing says you put in the effort like fresh pasta. This delicious fresh ricotta ravioli with walnut sauce was my own Valentine’s dinner a few years ago and it was a huge success with the wife. This is an authentic Ligurian recipe, so if you are into authentic Italian food then this ravioli is sure to impress.

3) Lapin a la Kriek

rabbit in cherry beer kriek with sliced boiled potato and braised shallot. A gold knife and fork are off to the side.

Lapin a la Kriek is a rabbit dish from Belgium that is guaranteed to impress – provided your Valentine’s day date is okay eating rabbit. Personally it is one of my favorite meats and something we eat weekly, but it can be off putting for some people so keep that in mind. This dish is a rabbit hind leg braised in kriek, a type of cherry beer. It is elegant, impressive, and most of all cheap if you buy and break down a rabbit at home yourself.

4) Baked Salmon With Dill Sauce

baked salmon with homemade dill sauce

Baked salmon is always a popular Valentine’s day dinner, especially for beginner home cooks. Salmon is one of the easiest fish to bake which is probably why you see it on so many Valentine’s day set menus. All you need is a sauce. I recommend a simple dill sauce which involves no cooking at all, for an herby and beautifully presented meal.

5) Mushroom Risotto

mushroom risotto in a fancy plate

Another dish popular on Valentine’s day set dinner menus is risotto. I have so many risotto recipes but the most popular by far is a simple mushroom risotto. I have a few tricks when I cook risotto that has guests begging for my recipe, but I’ll give you one hint here – I always use Lillet Blanc instead of regular white wine.

What About Starters Or Desserts?

Want to fill out your meal with a full 3+ courses? Here are two more guides with both starters and desserts to make this Valentine’s day 2023 to really make a fabulous date night event.

5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 Great Starter Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 Great Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 great valentine's day dinner ideas title card
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