5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

This is of great dessert ideas for Valentine’s day 2023 are sure to end your romantic dinner on a high note. From simple and easy to make baked goods, to fancy stacked entremets, the sky is the limit on how you want to finish your perfect holiday date night.

5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine's Day 2023 title card

Whether you are an avid baker or you just want to put forth the effort for that special someone, this list of great dessert ideas for Valentine’s day should help you out. While baking is more difficult than cooking for most people, it also has set rules. So follow the instructions and you’re well on your way to making a fabulous dessert for V-Day 2023!

1) Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart with almond slivers and a slice cut out

Nothing says dessert quite like chocolate. And fortunately this chocolate tart is beautiful as well as easy – as far as fancy desserts go. If you don’t want to make a homemade pate sucree tart shell you can often buy them pre-made at grocery stores. The filling itself is just a few ingredients and can chill the day before so you don’t need to make it while preparing the actual dinner! Don’t like Chocolate? Try a Tarte au Citron instead for a vibrant lemony dessert.

2) Mini Pavlova

Easy Mini Pavlova

Ahh the Pavlova. A dessert so iconically Aussie, yet people imagine it’s Eastern European because of the name. This is a simple baked meringue – which isn’t at all hard to make. And then you just top it with sweet whipped cream and fresh fruit. To be honest, it’s probably the easiest dessert on this list!

3) Mango Passionfruit Entremet

mango passionfruit entremet cake with dacquoise base and mirror glaze

From the easiest, to the most difficult, these mango passionfruit entremet cakes will take you at least a full day in advance. This dessert is not for the faint of heart – but just look how beautifully presented it is. Inside you have a mousse, gelee, and a dacquoise cake base, all enrobed in a gorgeous glaze. This will be a Valentine’s dessert to remember for years!

4) Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

While it might be a bit old fashioned, a lava cake is quite possibly the greatest Valentine’s day dessert around. It is not very difficult, yet it looks impressive. Plus…chocolate. How could you go wrong! Pair this dessert with some fresh berries for color and flavor and you are sure to have a winning dessert on your hands!

5) Blood Orange Cointreau Souffle

blood orange cointreau souffle with blood orange creme anglaise

This gorgeously presented souffle comes not in a ramekin but in a carved out blood orange. Served with a homemade blood orange creme anglaise this dish is rich and romantic. Poke a hole in the top of the souffle and pour in the creme for a cream filled orange flavored hit of a dessert. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!!

What About The Main Course?

Of course, a great Valentine’s day dessert should come after a great Valentine’s day dinner! It makes sense right? Try these 5 great dinner ideas for Valentine’s day to make a full event of the meal.

If you are looking to really round out a full 3-course Valentine’s day dinner then you have to make a starter as well.

5 great starter ideas for Valentine’s day 2023

5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

5 Great Dessert Ideas For Valentine's Day 2023 title card
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