Grapefruit Sour

The grapefruit sour is a refreshingly tart drink that’s clearly part of the “sour” family. These drinks are those that implement heavy citrus flavors, or other acidic notes in building a tart cocktail. This grapefruit sour uses…grapefruit as it’s main citrus sour component. I did not used to be into sours until a recent trip to Japan, where they have their own variations which really opened my eyes.

Pair The Grapefruit Sour With Delicious Salmon Mousse Tartlets

One of the most popular drinks in Japan is called the Lemon Sour, or Lemon Chuhai. It is basically club soda, shochu (japanese mash liqueur), and lemon juice. Pretty simple, and it’s a popular drink at izakaya all over Japan. I went there to visit my cousin and she showed me all the different types of sours they had, including one made from pickled plums (umeboshi)!

Back to the western influenced Grapefruit Sour, this cocktail is comprised of a few different ingredients. It starts with a base of grapefruit flavored vodka. I know I know, tacky to use flavored vodka. But whatever, moving on. Then some pomegranate liqueur, followed by fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and some lemon juice and sugar syrup to balance it out.

It is important to add sugar syrup to this drink, otherwise it may just be too sour. However if you think you’ll like it more that way, it is totally up to you to leave it out.

Grapefruit Sour Ingredients

60 ml Finlandia Grapefruit

30 ml Pomegranate Liqueur

20 ml Grapefruit Juice, freshly squeezed

20 ml Sugar Syrup

10 ml Lemon Juice


1. In a cocktail shaker add all the ingredients with a few ice cubes and shake hard and fast. You should shake for at least 30 seconds to really beat the different liquids together. Pour the entire shaker, ice and all, into a rocks glass and garnish with a desiccated citrus slice, or an edible flower.

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