5 Delicious Fresh Pasta Recipes

ball of fresh pasta dough next to a french rolling pin on a table

Making pasta from scratch is so much fun, and very easy! It makes it even easier if you have a stand mixer and pasta roller to do most of the work! These delicious fresh pasta recipes are some of my best creations.

Recommended Tools For Fresh Pasta

Stand Mixer: A stand mixer with a dough hook attachment is a great tool to make fresh pasta. It saves a lot of time and physical effort to knead dough. I’m in love with my Smeg retro looking stand mixer.

Pasta Roller: A hand crank pasta roller is a must have for home cooks who like to make pasta. It allows you to get perfectly thin and even sheets of dough and some even have attachments to cut spaghetti or stuff ravioli!

Ricotta Ravioli With Walnut Sauce

fresh ricotta ravioli with walnut sauce

One of the main reasons to make fresh pasta is for ravioli. When you do it yourself you can use any filling you want – although ricotta is always a popular one. This fresh ravioli with walnut sauce is always a popular dish with my friends, with some claiming the sauce is ‘to die for’!

Pappardelle With Pork And Peas

fresh pappardelle pasta with pork and peas on a plate

If you don’t feel like making stuffed pastas then you can always make pappardelle! These long, flat, wide noodles go with so many sauce options. My pappardelle with pork and peas is a great recipe to make when you want an ‘easy’ fresh pasta night.

Homemade Tortellini

homemade tortellini with walnut sauce

Tortellini is another fun stuffed pasta to make. Just like ravioli you have near infinite filling options. My homemade tortellini is similar to the previous ravioli in that it also uses a delicious walnut sauce (a recipe I learned from an old Italian chef in Firenze).

Duck Ravioli In Beetroot Cream Sauce

duck ravioli in beet sauce with crispy duck skin garnish

This beautifully presented duck ravioli was the star of a Valentine’s dinner a couple years ago. The fresh pasta is stuffed with perfectly cooked duck meat and served with a couple pieces of crispy duck skin. The beetroot cream sauce is tasty as well, and it pairs well with the duck.

Pan Fried Sweet Potato Gnocchi

pan fried gnocchi made from sweet potatoes in a cast iron dish

Gnocchi are some of the easiest homemade fresh pasta recipes you can make. In fact, I often make gnocchi if I have leftover mashed potatoes. These pan fried gnocchi are made from sweet potatoes so if you have any leftover sweet potato mash then this is a recipe for you.

5 Delicious Fresh Pasta Recipes

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