How To Feed A Hungry Office During COVID-19

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If you run a business or work in an office, you might have found the COVID-19 pandemic challenging to say the least. Perhaps you had to close the office and work remotely for some time; perhaps this remote working is ongoing, or now transforming into a hybrid working experience for some. There have been ups and downs to office closures, but at the end of the day, many of us are greatly looking forward to going back to a full-time office routine, full of camaraderie and laughter!

If your office is starting to fill up again with people returning from home, you might be wondering how to keep it clean and hygienic to prevent any spread of coronavirus. One aspect of office life that could contribute to a spread is using office kitchen equipment. Here is how to feed a hungry crowd at the office during COVID-19!

Invest In Catering

One easy way to achieve this is to invest in catering. Especially if your office is running at a reduced staff level at the moment, this shouldn’t cut too much into your budget, and is a great solution for easy dining without the hassle of cooking in the office. 

A catering restaurant can provide delicious lunches at the office, and cleanup is all taken care of. This means that people can eat safely in their own space, without having a bottleneck in the office kitchen at lunch time. This will decrease the chances of coronavirus spreading, and help employees stay safe at work. 

Encourage People To Bring Lunch From Home

One cost-effective way to keep your office safe while making sure everyone eats enough, is to encourage office workers to bring their lunch from home. They could bring leftovers from their dinner, or even stop in a store on the way to work to buy lunch from there. Not only can this save them money, but it reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Bringing lunch in personal containers with personal cutlery can eliminate transmission and make the workplace a COVID-free space. 

Increase Cleaning In The Office Kitchen

Your office’s health and safety measurements will have needed to change drastically now the pandemic is happening. Whether you have had to invest in additional signage, rearrange the desks to ensure social distancing, or reduce staff numbers, things will have changed!

One thing that is crucial to preventing the spread of coronavirus is to increase cleaning in the workplace. This means hiring extra cleaning staff who can be present throughout the workday, ensuring that common areas are sanitised regularly. 

The kitchen is a particularly dangerous place for the spread of coronavirus. When people crowd into the space, eating and drinking, this can be a potential spreader of the virus. This sad truth means that employees and cleaning crew will have to pay special attention to the kitchen, ensuring it is never left unsanitized after someone has been there.

Final Thoughts

Welcoming colleagues back to work after coronavirus is exciting, but requires some strategic thinking too. 

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