4 Great Starter Ideas For Your Dinner Party

If you are having a dinner party or friends over for a meal, you may find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for your starter. You do not want something that is too heavy or stodgy, but you also do not want your guests to feel the pangs of hunger whilst they wait for their main course. So, have a look at our list below for starter ideas that are sure to keep your guests happy and satisfied!

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Bruschetta is an ideal Italian antipasto to begin your meal with. Bruschetta usually consists of grilled bread, olive oil and tomatoes. However, this is a very versatile dish. Variations include tomatoes, prosciutto, halloumi and spinach, or just plain bread and tomatoes. As bruschetta is such a versatile dish, you can satisfy meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans with different forms of this beloved Italian dish. This starter is light enough to ensure that your guests can look forward to their main course but will certainly stop their stomachs from growling between courses. This starter is easy to make and is sure to please the crowd. If you have not made bruschetta before, there are plenty of recipes online to help you.

Cauliflower Soup 

If you are thinking of serving a soup as your starter, then cauliflower soup is the perfect one! Much more interesting than your typical tomato or vegetable soup, cauliflower soup is warm and spicy and is also a good source of fibre for your guests. This kind of soup is perfect in autumn and winter when guests have just come inside from the cold weather outside! You can get an excellent cauliflower soup recipe from The Mediterranean Dish, which is sure to impress your dinner guests! This soup is simple enough to make, so it is easy to make on more mundane days for a delicious lunch. 


salmon cakes recipe
Salmon Cakes Recipe

Fishcakes are the perfect light starter to begin any dinner. They are light and fresh and can be served alongside a salad if you fear they will not be enough to satisfy your guests until the main course. You could provide a range of fishcakes to ensure that there is something that everyone is sure to like. You could try creating a simple cod or salmon fishcake, or be adventurous and try a fishcake made of a combination of different types of fish. If you have any vegan diners joining you, you can also try your hand at vegan fish cakes to ensure that all of your guests are catered for. 


This French dish makes for a great starter, but be careful not to serve too much of it or you may find that your guests struggle to finish their main meal! Ratatouille is a warming dish that is full of nutritious vegetables that your guests will love. It can be served alongside crusty bread for a more hearty starter meal. This is an easy starter to make, as it can all be done in one great big pot and it is not an expensive dish either, as all you need to buy are vegetables and some jars of seasoning! It is a dish that is also bound to impress little children that are fans of the Disney film of the same name.

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