10 Comfort Food Recipes To Eat During Your Corona Virus Quarantine

Chances are if you are in Europe or North America now, you’re stuck inside due to the recent Corona Virus quarantines. While making my tasty Love In The Time Of Corona Virus cocktail is great, you should probably pair that with some food. Therefore I made this list of 10 corona virus quarantine recipes based on the things that make me feel good cooped up at home. And rest assured I didn’t put any Wuhan Bat Soup on this list.

10. Classic Chili

classic chili recipe with sour cream, chives, and cheddar cheese

Here’s a hearty bowl of meat that will keep you satisfied while you sit on the couch going through your Netflix playlist. Plus now that you don’t have to go into work, you have all the time in the world to make this time intensive dish.

9. Cream Cheese Pasta

cream cheese pasta

Think of this as an adult mac and cheese. Although to be honest, it’s even easier to make than a proper mac and cheese. In my opinion it is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and who doesn’t want to be comfortable at a time like this.

8. Cody’s Cottage Pie

cottage pie

One of the classic British comfort foods are cottage and shepard’s pies. This is my variant (hence putting my name in there) and it’s one of my favorite things to make on rainy days. Isn’t a quarantine like a week’s long rainy day.

7. Homemade Tortellini With Walnut Sauce

homemade tortellini with walnut sauce

Now that you’re stuck at home, why not try making homemade pasta. You know you keep telling yourself you want to give it a shot. This homemade tortellini with walnut sauce is a great way to start. An easy filling and an authentic Ligurian walnut sauce is a perfect corona virus quarantine recipe.

6. Potato Pie With Chicken And Mushrooms

potato pie with chicken and mushroom

Carbs anyone? This pie crust is made from mashed potatoes. It is filled with plenty of flavorful chicken and mushrooms and topped with a good amount of cheddar cheese. Kick it up a notch with some peppers. This is a pretty good comfort food aka quarantine food to get you through these trying times.

5. Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry

Here’s a bit of Thai comfort food for you. Massaman curry is one of my favorite Thai recipes, and it is actually a wonderful corona virus quarantine recipe. Hearty ingredients in a super flavorful curry sauce go great with rice, or by themselves.

4. Moussaka


The ultimate Greek comfort food. Greece may not be as affected as Italy during this corona virus pandemic, but you can make some hearty Greek moussaka wherever you are in the world. Eggplant, bechamel, cheese, (my recipe uses potatoes), red wine. All ingredients for a filling meal.

3. Dill Potatoes With Pork Belly

Ukrainian Potatoes with pork belly and dill with sour cream

Seeing as I live in Ukraine (which went on serious lockdown pretty early on) I’m going to toss into the list one of my favorite Ukrainian comfort foods. This is just something Alona taught me how to make and it’s quickly become one of my favorite rainy day meals. Now I guess its a corona virus quarantine recipe.

2. Brownie Cookies

brownie cookies

This recipe is for the ultimate best brownie cookies. Trust me, they’re the best I’ve ever had, if you’ve had a better one please let me know in the comments. You didn’t think all comfort food had to be savory right? The last two are desserts so you can add some richness to your stuck at home time.

1. Chocolate Lava Cake

chocolate lava cake

The ultimate comfort dessert in my opinion is a chocolate lava cake. In fact, I almost always have some ganache center in my freezer in case I want to whip one of these up quick. This was also the first recipe I ever put up on Cooking To Entertain, and it is still one of my favorites.

Corona Virus Quarantine Recipes

So there you have it. My list of the best corona virus quarantine recipes. Was this list offensive? Let me know with your rage shares on all your social media!


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