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Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail

So there’s quite a few people who said I should not make a corona virus cocktail, mainly because it was insensitive. But then I got to thinking, can cocktails have offensive names? Sure, just look at the most popular of the lot, The Irish Car Bomb. This is a highly offensive drink name to many Northern Irish people, yet it’s still on plenty of menus. How about The Pissed Off Japanese Minnow Farmer? Ok, maybe that’s more funny than offensive.

Enter, my foray into making a topical cocktail for what is currently going on in the world. Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail is sure to ruffle some feathers, but I’m sure if you try it you’ll at least like the taste, if not the name.

Of course, the name is derived from the famous Gabriel García Márquez novel, Love In The Time Of Cholera. You may also notice the color of the drink. Well, that would be the first thing someone notices right. I tried to get the drink as close in color to a Corona beer as I could. That does not mean however that there is any beer in this cocktail at all.

corona virus cocktails in a coupe glass

I will let you know that there is one difficult ingredient which contributes to the color. This is Kalyna infused vodka. The Kalyna is also known as the Highbush Cranberry, or Viburnam Opulus in Latin. It is a popular berry where I live in Ukraine and has historically been used to flavor Horilka aka vodka.

If you don’t feel like infusing the vodka yourself, you can buy a Redberry vodka from Finlandia or Smirnoff.

Don’t Want This? Try My Blood And Snow Cocktail, A Variation Of The Classic Blood And Sand.

I don’t think that this corona virus cocktail is a weak drink, so it’s perfect for wasting away your quarantined days at home. In fact, I was thinking of calling it a Quarantini except that isn’t nearly as good of a name in my opinion.

love in the time of corona virus cocktail.

Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail

An offensive name for an offensive world. This corona virus cocktail is sure to be a hit at all the parties you aren't having due to quarantines.
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Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Course Cocktails, Drinks
Cuisine American, Ukrainian
Servings 1 drink


  • Cocktail Shaker


  • 50 ml Vodka for the color it is best to use Viburnam (redberry) infused vodka.
  • 30 ml Sweet Vermouth I used Martini Bianco
  • 10 ml Cointreau
  • 50 ml Tonic because…I mean, medicinal?
  • Candied Lemon Slice for garnish


  • Add all ingredients except the candied lemon slice to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a coupe glass and float a slice of candied lemon on top. Enjoy alone.


If you are offended by this, feel free to take your outrage and the URL of this page to Twitter and Facebook. I could always use the publicity.
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Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail

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  1. 5 stars
    Came across this one, did a search especially on “corona virus cocktail” , lovely colour, it’s on my list for next weekend, however I’d probably not add the tonic to the shaker but top up the glasses after pouring…

    I had already found a corona virus cocktail a year ago, Tiki style, and the garnish was half a lime shell pierced with cloves, shell added to the Tiki mug cloves up, looked fabulous. No change after a year of this **** so time for another corona virus cocktail. Cheers

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