Advanced Cooking Techniques You Need To Try In 2021

mango passionfruit entremet cake with dacquoise base and mirror glaze
Recipe: Mango Passionfruit Entremet

While most people cook at least a couple of times a week, the vast majority never approach it purposefully. And why should they? After all, if they want a delicious meal, all they need to do is call up Deliveroo and get one ordered. 

But that’s a shame because it is denying people opportunities to eat incredible food. 

When it comes to cooking, two things matter: the quality of the ingredients and technique. Practically everything else is secondary. 

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But learning advanced techniques takes time and effort. You have to want it. If you’re not motivated by the food itself or your creative potential, you’ll never move forward. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the advanced cooking techniques you’ll want to try this year. Getting to grips with some of these will challenge you – there’s no getting around that. But at the end of the process, you’ll get great flavors and a healthy dose of personal satisfaction. 

Improve Your Filleting And Carving Skills

Chopping a fish is very different from dicing a zucchini. Practically anyone can create 0.5-inch veggies cubes, but very few can remove a filet from the body of a fish with no bones in it. 

Improving your filleting and carving skills is a badass move that will massively increase your effectiveness in the kitchen. Not only do you learn how the animal is put together but you can also save money by buying the food whole. 

Embrace Pressure Cooking

If you haven’t tried pressure cooking yet, you’re missing out. It turns even the dullest cuts of meat into decadent and juicy meals.

Some of these recipes for Ninja Foodi grill show you what I mean. The meat is juicy, succulent, and just about perfect, all with relatively little effort. 

The reason pressure cooking is so effective is because it forces the joint to retain moisture. It works a little bit like salt when you baste a chicken. It helps to retain the natural moisture of the meat instead of allowing it to evaporate out during the cooking process. 

Learn The Bouquet Garni

If you haven’t heard of the bouquet garni, fear not: it’s a French term that just refers to a cheesecloth packed with herbs and spices. 

A bouquet garni is a great cooking tool because it allows you to add instant flavor to all your dishes. You just place it in your stockpot and allow it to boil away for a couple of hours. All of the flavor compounds ooze out of the herbs and spices and make your dish taste great. 

Get Everything Ready First

Before you even start cooking, you need to get everything ready first. 

A lot of people will attempt to cook and prepare at the same time. But it always leads to less-than-optimal results. You wind up rushing the chopping and burning food already in the pan. 

The French have an expression, mise en place, which means “everything in its place.” In other words, gather and chop all your ingredients first before you start the cooking phase. 

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