Skip The Quarantini – 9 Tasty Cocktails For Your Corona Virus Quarantine

Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail

Are you stuck at home due to this novel Coronavirus quarantine? Well, what better way to spend your isolation than improving a skill! As someone who spends most of their day either at home or traveling I’ve learned to spend my free time (almost all time) learning new things. Recently I’ve been buying tons of different alcohols to become a bit of an amateur mixologist and make some tasty cocktails. This article has 7 8 9 Tasty Cocktails For Your Corona Virus Quarantine and includes some of the most popular cocktail recipes on Cooking To Entertain so you can make liquor your activity during quarantine. .

Love In The Time Of Corona Virus (Corona Virus Cocktail)

Love In The Time Of Corona Virus Cocktail
Love In The Time Of Corona Virus

This is the first cocktail I decided to invent during my quarantine. I wanted to get the color as close to possible as a Corona beer, without using beer at all. Just redberry infused Horilka, Sweet Vermouth, Cointreau, and Tonic make this tasty lockdown drink.

Kaffir Lime Colada

Kaffir Lime Colada. A tropical cocktail to take you mentally out of this corona virus quarantine
Kaffir Lime Colada

Just because you are on self quarantine and may possibly miss or delay your travel because of the virus doesn’t mean you can’t drink like you’re on a tropical island. This Indonesian inspired colada uses kaffir limes instead of pineapple for the acid.

Absinthe Zelda Sour

Absinthe Zelda Sour with pineapple foam
Absinthe Zelda Sour

If you’re unemployed or furloughed these days what better way to spend your mornings than with some absinthe. This cocktail is a bit convoluted but so delicious. Plus if you don’t have Wuhan Flu symptoms, why not drink up an afternoon hangover. The absinthe pairs well with elderflower and chartreuse, and of course you can’t forget the pineapple foam!

Petruchio Cocktail

Petruchio cocktail served in a coupe glass and garnished with mint leaves
Petruchio Cocktail

Since no one believes China’s numbers, it seems like the global hotspot for the coronavirus is now Italy. So here is an Italy inspired cocktail for you to enjoy during your social distancing. Ok, other than the name and the fact it has Aperol in it, it really isn’t Italian. In fact it was invented by an American in Seattle. However I do believe this is a modern classic and a tasty cocktail to add to your repertoire.

Ukrainian Mulled Wine

While we may not have had a real winter this year, that’s no reason to avoid mulled wine. Plus, you can drink this at all hours of the day (not like you have anything else to do). Okay maybe you work from home…still, no one says you can’t get a good buzz going while waiting for new quarantine updates.

The Hanky Panky

the hanky panky cocktail in a wine glass and a blood orange peel garnish
The Hanky Panky Cocktail

This is actually the drink I made at 9am the day after they closed my local watering hole. I don’t have a problem, yet. You know it’s a classic cocktail when the recipe is in parts/percentages. Luckily I’ve put it in ml so you don’t drink too much at once. Overall it’s a real simple cocktail that just needs 3 ingredients!

The Malbaroni

The malbaroni cocktail with an orange peel garnish. Cocktails to drink during corona virus quarantine
The Malbaroni

The Malbaroni is a custom creation at my favorite bar where I live. A place I can no longer go to because the city shut down all the bars and restaurants. Well, it’s a good thing I asked for the recipe so now I can make these awesome cocktails for my corona virus quarantine. It does have some classic bar staples so you may have to go buy some stuff, but it’ll be worth it because you can make plenty of different drinks.

The Butterfly Sour

Butterfly Sour

So this is another creation I’ve made during my quarantine (hence the update to this article from 7 to 8 cocktails). I decided I wanted to learn how to make infusions and liqueurs so I bought some butterfly pea flowers to make infused vodka. That was then used for a homemade Creme de Butterfly, which was used in this variation of a Boston Sour

The Louverture

the louverture tiki cocktail
The Louverture

The Louverture was my first foray into inventing a new tiki cocktail. While I think it’s quite delicious, it does follow the tradition of over-complicated tiki drinks. Well, what better time to make your own syrups and obtain rare ingredients than when you are stuck at home with nothing better to do.

7 8 9 Cocktails For Your Corona Virus Quarantine

So there you have it. A slightly insensitive list telling you to get to drinking while passing your time in isolation. If you’re lucky enough to not have to work (not just during quarantine, I mean at all) then you probably already imbibe a little too often. No matter, this list is for anyone looking to spend their day in an alcoholic stupor watching their retirement account drop and expecting the government to give a bailout package to the airlines.

What are you drinking in terms of cocktails for your corona virus quarantine? Let me know in the comments down below!

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