Caramelised Onion Cheddar by Wyke Farms: A Review

This article was created and written by me, Cody Simon, without any contact or payment by Wyke Farms. The caramelised onion cheddar is a cheese I paid for myself from a grocery store near me, and the full review is my 100% honest opinion. For Cooking To Entertain’s policy please click here.

I’ve never written a cheese review before, but I just had one of the most unique cheeses I’ve ever seen. I’m talking of course about the caramelised onion cheddar by one of my favorite cheese brands, Wyke Farms. It’s not available on Amazon, but you can find it here on

This is a mature cheddar which means it has been aged at least 9 months. Being an English heritage cheese, it has a very unique and sharp flavor, which is great just by itself, or as an accent flavor on burgers or vegetables.

Wyke Farms’ Caramelised Onion Cheddar Key Information

Country Of Origin: England

Cheese Type: Cheddar

Milk Variety: Cow

Style: Hard

Additions: Caramelised Onion Pieces

Age: ~9 months

Pasteurized: Yes

This particular round of cheese is 200 grams and it is ensconced in a thick black wax. You can either slice along the edge and peel the two pieces apart, or cut out wedges directly from the wax so the rest of the cheese remains protected. As I planned on eating the entire cheese in one sitting, I removed all the wax.

Wyke Farms Caramelised Onion Cheddar Wax Removed

As you can see by the picture, I figured there would be a string or a wax pull tab like you see on babybel cheese, however I just had to cut into it the old fashioned way. Immediately my nose was accosted with the pungent smell of caramelised onion and an aged cheddar, which is actually quite pleasant after the first few seconds. I guess the wax really does a great job of preserving it at peak freshness.

I was a little apprehensive about this cheese, even when picking it up at the market, as cheeses with non-traditional additions can be very hit or miss. However after tasting my first bite I knew I had made a good choice. It had the creaminess of a young cheddar, and the bite of an aged cheddar, all with a very sweet onion-y flavor.

Onion Cheddar Squares

As you can see by the close up shot of a square of the caramelised onion cheddar, there is a definite crumb there. I mark this up to the aging of the cheese rather than my cutting ability. That being said, this cheese does melt in your mouth which makes me think this would have a great melt atop a burger.

There were some bites of the cheese where I did feel the onion flavor was a bit overpowering. This is most likely down to the fact that Wyke Farms uses actual bits of caramelised onion in the cheese and not an artificial powder or essence.

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Overall I think this is a very unique cheese with a lot of good properties. I probably would not recommend it on a cheese plate unless you know the people you are serving a really into cheese. I think it is best eaten with a neutral or butter cracker as to cut the sharpness, however eating it piece by piece is completely fine as well.

I can really see this cheese being used in a lot of good recipes, from stuffed peppers, to quesadillas, to being served on potatoes and onions instead of Gruyere (Swiss Style). Next time I pick up a round I will probably try to use it in some recipes and see what magic I can come up with!

Pros & Cons


Extremely Unique

Creamy, but not soft

Real caramelised onion pieces

Beautiful presentation in the black wax

Full of strong flavor


Can be overpowering

Caramelised Onion Cheddar Score


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