Absinthe Zelda Sour

Absinthe is gaining quite a bit of popularity in the cocktail scene these days and this cocktail is a great use of the spirit.

With plenty of ingredients this is not a drink for parties of 100 people, but for small get togethers where you want to impress the discerning guests you do have, this drink is a showstopper.


30 ml Absinthe

10 ml Elderflower Liqueur

10 ml Chartreuse Liqueur

20 ml Gin

5 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

5 ml Fresh Lime Juice

10ml Pineapple Juice

1 Egg


Mix the Absinthe, Elderflower, Chartreuse, and Gin together in a mixing cup. Swirl in the Lemon and Lime juice. In a blender mix a few table spoons of pineapple juice with the whites of one small egg until a thick foam is formed. You can also use a hand mixer if it’s easier than a blender.

Pour the liquid drink into a cocktail glass, top with the pineapple foam, and garnish with a single fresh basil leaf.

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