3 Solutions For An Inclusive Holiday Dinner

3 Solutions For An Inclusive Holiday Dinner

With the holidays coming up, it’s worth planning out how you will celebrate this year, whether alone or apart. For families with holiday traditions, you’ve likely been looking forward to this all year, and you’re already deciding which starters, mains, and desserts to serve up a storm for everyone you love. These 3 solutions for an inclusive holiday dinner may not be useful for everybody, but if you have dinner parties often then you’ll surely find something useful.

But, while there is ‘traditional’ holiday food, modern diets are something you must remember to accommodate. But if you’ve never prepared vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food before, where are you expected to start? As it’s a family affair, you don’t want anyone to feel left out, so here are three solutions for an inclusive holiday dinner for the whole family. 

Get Everybody’s Dietary Needs Beforehand 

For generations, people have gone for the tried and tested holiday dishes. You have your turkey, the yams, corn, and a (literal) smorgasbord of exciting dishes that everyone can dig into. 

However, if you have family members who are vegan or have allergies, you can make them feel welcome and included by getting their dietary needs beforehand. This doesn’t just include your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews, but also any guests they bring along with them. 

It doesn’t take a lot to send out an email or message asking if any particular food types would be unsuitable, and it saves you making too much, which would be wasteful. 

Allow Backup Dishes 

You might have memories of your mom or dad ruling the kitchen, which meant that the menu was theirs and theirs alone. They decided what was served, and they took all the responsibilities for the cooking. 

But such an attitude can cause issues. For one, it will overwork the host, and this could mean they get their timings wrong or forget individual dishes. If you allow backup dishes or others to bring in something for themselves, you will find the cooking process much more manageable. 

You can even try these healthy side dishes to give guests something different, and doing so could be a lifesaver if something goes wrong while you’re busy in the kitchen, saving the day from disaster.

Be Respectful 

Whether they require a special diet by choice or because of medical needs, you must make sure you are respectful to your guests, and also remind other, perhaps more set-in-their-ways guests that vegan diets, among others, are common. 

Inclusivity is all about accepting other things, especially those that are radically different from your regular experiences. By being respectful, asking questions (without providing too hard), and not causing a fuss over supposedly non-traditional dishes, you can make the entire meal and the day as a whole more enjoyable and comfortable for everybody involved, allowing you to do it all again next year.

Family Time 

Holiday dinners are supposed to be a time where you can all come together as a family and enjoy each other’s company, share stories, and look forward to what’s to come. While you may be uncertain about creating a more inclusive menu for family members, the mere act of trying and allowing them to bring the food that suits them will be enough.

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