The 2023 Recipe Of The Year This Two Ingredient Drink!

Every year I award the most popular recipe on the site ‘Recipe of the Year’. The 2023 recipe of the year is none other than the wildly popular Spanish vermouth cocktail. Why a simple two ingredient drink became so popular I may never know, but I hope everyone who tried it enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Spanish vermouth cocktail is actually considered a mixed drink as it only has two ingredients. Did you know a cocktail is supposed to be three ingredients or more? This makes things like Jack&Coke or a Mimosa technically mixed drinks rather than cocktails.

Regardless of the semantics I still call this Spanish vermouth drink a cocktail – mainly because I did not know the ingredient number rule when I originally made the post. Also because I was probably enjoying this cocktail while eating some tasty Spanish food during posting.

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How Did The Spanish Vermouth Cocktail Win 2023 Recipe Of The Year

The methodology for choosing recipe of the year (at least on this cooking / recipe blog is quite simple. There are really only two rules a post must follow and they are pretty guessable.

Post can not have won in a previous year: This seems pretty standard as many of the winners are the most popular recipes on the site, so even after the year they won it’s likely they are still in the top 5 pages overall.

Post has to be a recipe: While this is a recipe blog and most of the posts are recipes, there are some that aren’t. Lists, or how-to guides of course cannot make recipe of the year as they include more than one dish. Also not allowed are pages inherent to most websites like ‘Home’, ‘Policy’, or ‘Write For Us’. Note that a recipe submitted through the Write For Us section can actually win provided it is a recipe and not a product review or general post.

How To Make The Divinely Delicious And Extremely Simple Spanish Vermouth Cocktail

spanish vermouth cocktail ingredients on a table

As this recipe only has two ingredients you can make this Spanish vermouth cocktail with nearly no effort. Now, in the photo above you might notice there are four ingredients, but ice does not count, and the orange is an optional garnish. All you really need are:

  • Spanish Vermouth: Called vermút in Spain this version is not as bitter as Italian vermouth, nor as sweet as French vermouth. It is almost always made from red wine, and in many vermuterias you can buy a glass straight from the barrel. I most often prefer Alvear Vermouth Rojo (seen in the title image) but most often use Vermut Lustau as it is more readily accessible.
  • Sparkling Water: AKA Club Soda. Wait, is water considered an ingredient? Well, if it is sparkling it technically is. This ingredient however does not have many specifications although I prefer to get a bottle of VERY sparkly agua.

To make the drink just add some ice to a glass, pour in about 100 ml of your chosen vermut, then top with sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of orange and enjoy!

spanish vermouth cocktail with a bottle of vermut rojo and club soda

Where To Get This Vermouth Cocktail In Spain?

While vermouth may be seen as a bit of an old lady drink in America and most of Europe, in Spain it is drunk by everyone young and old. Every bar or restaurant that sells alcohol will have at least A bottle of vermut. To get it with sparkling water ask for a vermut sifón.

My favorite place in all of Spain has to be Granada (click here to find out where to get the best tapas in Granada) since you can get a vermut sifón for a couple euros and it’ll always come with a free tapa. The number of days I just don’t have to pay for food would astound those who have never experienced Granada’s wonderful tapas culture.

Elsewhere on the web: 10 Best Vermuts in Spain

If you do happen to go to Granada I highly recommend Taberna Granados for their wide selection of vermuts as well as tasty tapas and lively atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Are you surprised a two ingredient recipe was the most popular post on the blog this year? Let me know what you think it should have been if you disagree in the comments down below. And as always, if there’s something you want a recipe for don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll start researching ASAP. Happy Holidays!

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